Friday, March 5, 2010


Zappy blue!


Electric blue stretchy top going for RM 25


Cotton Candee

Long stripey candy coloured delight
Also for RM25

Bling-y jacket


GaGa inspired glittery jacket
Perfect for a crazy nite out or just to spruce up a dull outfit
Letting it go at RM40


Tulip Cut-out


White loose top from oz-temt
Super cute and casual
Bought for AUD 15
Selling for RM25


Fuschia frills

Another top frm aussie-jayjays
Going for RM25


Creamy Dreamy

Nude boob tube with a lil bubble detail at the bottom.
From elements
Selling at RM20


Gray matter

Classy grey top with black beads and grey high quality cotton material.
Selling at RM25
Worn once

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