Thursday, May 21, 2009

A lil red racy number!

*pics credit to bunnynoo*

Bought this dress for RM 48.
Doesnt look good on me :( so sad cos its sucha cute dress!
im reselling it at RM 40.
The details are from bunnynoo's site :)

Material: Satin
Length: 25 inches
Bust: 13 inches (stretchable)
Size: Free (fits XS till M)
Recommended for petites.

La Senza Bikini

Here's a pretty pink sequined bikini.
BRAND NEW! you know the plastic protector thingy on the bottom? its is still on!
Have not been worn before cuz i dun have a chance to wear em :(
**sob sob i need a beach vacation!!**
hehe anyways its tagged Size M.

Email me to get it at RM 35!